Friday, June 27, 2008

More JPTR AIM Beats

Here are some more tracks from JPTR

MPC DrumDisc

Here is a Dope Drum Disc made just for the MPC 2000XL but I am sure you can use it with other versions of the MPC. It is a hot program with several oldschool drum patterns and some with a real live swing to them. Hotness... This is a smaller version of the disc I will load the rest when I find them...


More JPTR AIM Joints

Here is a few more tracks that JPTR sent to me recently. Dopeshit....


Keep 'em comin' JUP,


Back on Beats - B2DaE

Here is the MPC files for a beat that I started and never really finished, I used some of the drum sounds from that 77 drum machines rar and some random jazz samps.... Feel free to hook it up...


Few Classics from Mattic

Here are a few tracks that I did with Mattic back in 2002. All gems in there own right.

MATTIC _Coolindividual.mp3
MATTIC _Different Jive Talk.mp3
MATTIC _Find a New Begining.mp3
MATTIC _Mighty Fine.mp3

All tracks produced by B2DaE and Mattic featuring Mattic on vocals....




Here are some beats that JPTR sent to me last year, pretty dope stuff. I will be posting more of his stuff as I get it organized. These were all created between 6/27 and 8/6/2007.



RocketMan MPC Files

I Dunno if you guys remember that RocketMan track that I did back in the day with Mattic and Church, well here is the program and files from it. It had several different beats on it, if anybody wants to remix it be my guest.


More Mr Dash AIM Tracks

Here are some more tracks from Mr Dash. These were dated around 11/04/2007. The tracks were not named, just numbered, so I am not going to list their names.


Phantom4ce GIFS

Here is a few of the GIFS that I made for the now defunct and some was me just learning how to do it. There is a few Lprime GIFS, a few for the D.O. and a huge one of Mattic in the lab with some dutches...


B2DaE on Production Archives

Here is a 20 minute show that Mattic and I put together way back when, I am not sure of the specific date but the .Wav I made the MP3 from was dated 8/31/2002, which is probably not too far off, knowing us that was the day of or day before the show.

And Here are a few instrumental tracks that I did back in the day.

clasic freestyle beat 1.mp3
Funk without a master instrumental.mp3
let it shine beat 1.mp3
Neptuning to Venus.mp3
this is us 2 instr.mp3
Uptown Evening Instrumental.mp3
you Get the Issue.mp3

Hope you dig 'em.......


Mr Dash AIM Tracks

Here are some Dope-Ass Dash tracks from the archive separated into 3 files:

Get these Here

And these Here

And these Here

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Akim and Mr. Dash QC visit pics

Here are the pics we took during that incredible recording session, can't wait to do that again.... I think we ended up recording like 14 tracks over the course of 2 days.... Who knows how many Dutches were killed in the process.....

DiSoRiEnTaLiSts Banners

Here are some the D.O. banners from the now defunct, just in case anybody wants them.


Mattic, LPrime and Akim Album Mattics Picks

Here is a link to the rough mix of the first album featuring LPrime along side vets Mattic and Akim of Demograffics (album is untitled). These are the tracks that Mattic picked out to go on there. If it is ever released we will need to re-record some of them and get a better mix down of most of them.

Currently Mattic is touring with Wax Tailor in Central America and Akim is back home in Germany doing his thing and LPrime has begun on a second album tentatively titled "Prime's Minds Pivotal"....

Welcome to a Phantom4ce Blog

Shout going out to all Phantom4ce heads, I will post links to works in progress here.. Just zip up what ever you want to share and go here .

Hit the browse button on that screen find the zip you just created and select it, now wait for the file to upload to their site. When it is finished there will be a box below the heading "Email Me These Info" put my email address in there and hit email beside it. And I will post it to this blog so we can all find it. Peace -B