Friday, February 26, 2010


"Booth and Brown pronounce the name Autechre with a Rochdale accent (/ɔːˈtɛkər/ aw-TEK-ər).[2] However, they have explained that the name can be pronounced in any way one sees fit.[3] Booth explains: "The first two letters were intentional, because there was an 'au' sound in the track, and the rest of the letters were bashed randomly on the keyboard. We had this track title for ages, and we had written it on a cassette, with some graphics. It looked good, and we began using it as our name."[4] They are also commonly referred to by the abbreviation "Ae" or "æ"."

Credit Wikipedia

I would like to add that though my name is Benjamin, I also don't care how it is pronounced, you can go with Bin-Jah-mean, or Ban-Jer_min or my fav BEAN-Jahr-Me-an..

Not because I think that my parents randomly mashed a keyboard after I made the "Bean" sound as I came out... I just like interpretation...

I am often referred to as "B"

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haha..feelz ya mang!