Friday, February 26, 2010

"What does this mean???"

This sort of sums up my day, a guy (let's call him DomainUser0) at my job brings me a blurry pic of an error prompt and says "I get this message everyday what does it mean? Is there problems with my computer? My email's still working and I can get on the network so...?"

OK for starters, I usually like to help people out if they are having an issue but when there isn't really an issue or if they wait till the symptoms are gone to tell me about it and then give me a picture of an error message that isn't really legible, I have to say there isn't a whole lot I can do (the sad part is I know this going in).. But alas I still ended up spending about 30 mins to an hour on it before jumping ship.. And that was really just to placate DomainUser0 and make sure he felt as though I gave a crap...

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